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Apparently my human hasn't kept up with posting stuff, even though I told her to. She mumbled something about "work", and "lack of time", and "remember how I fell off your mother and spent a whole winter in a wheel chair?". I tell her that the only reasonable excuse is if she spends all her time with me, which she doesn't, so she should shut up and post already!

Today we went for a walk. It's nice that the ground isn't all slippery, and it's getting warm too. I'm shedding all the winter fur, and the human complains about that too, instead of just giving me lots of scritches which would certainly make the shedding happen faster. Besides she looks nice with a lot of fur on her jacket, so she shouldn't complain. Anyhow, she brought me in from the field even though it wasn't even feeding time yet. There was another horse there, a small white mare that's pretty, and a dog. We all went out together, the white mare's human was riding on her and the dog was running around. I was busy looking at stuff and smelling all the new smells that have come since the last time we went that way. That was before the snow, so a really long time ago!

Sometimes my human started paying attention to the other horse and I had to remind her of her priorities by pulling on the rope or standing on my hind legs. Then she yelled at me, but after that she'd pay more attention and give me praise when I was walking along her. It was fun. We should do this more often, instead of that other game where I run around and around and she tries to keep up but she never gets out of the middle of the circle where I run.

After the walk she brought me into my stall but all the other horses were still out so I was all alone. That wasn't fun, but she stayed and talked with me and gave me a carrot and then the other human brought in my uncles so it was OK.

I wonder how long it'll be until they start wanting to sit on my back... I haven't decided yet if I'm going to let them.


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